Halloween Disco

Saturday 29th October 2022

Thirty-one Members and Guests enjoyed a lively and enjoyable Halloween Disco on Saturday 29th October at the Drayton Community Centre.

Organised by Worshipful Brother Richard Herd the evening was a great success with attendees taking full advantage of dressing up to add to the overall ambience of the Ghoulie occasion. Skeletons, Witches, The Adams family, Frankenstein, The Wizard of Oz and Satanic individuals made for a great occasion.

The music was provided by Worshipful Brother Mark Williamson “Clouds Disco” who ensured that an enthusiastic, limb gyrating, Rock n Rollin presence was maintained on the Dance Floor throughout. Dancing to Tina Turner Mrs Sylvia Walton was the star of the show and was “Simply the Best”

Winners of the fancy dress was Keren Gleave for the best dressed Lady and Terry James the best dressed Man. Everyone was treated to a bountiful and mouth watering Buffet and all in all a brilliant evening overall.

A big thanks to W.Bro Richard, his lovely Wife Syama and their friends for organising and arranging the whole event which raised £270 for the Masters Charity, which included £110 from the Raffle proceeds. Food and Hall Hire costs was very generously donated by Richard and Syama.