Thursday 26th January 2023

Members of Southsea Lodge 4071 celebrated the 2023 Burns Night with an Entered Apprentice degree

The Haggis visits Southsea Lodge

The Master in the Chair announced that the ceremony for the evening would be to Initiate Sheridan Beattie,

The ceremony was carried out by W.Bros R.L.W Herd (The Grandfather of the initiate, Mr Sheridan Beattie) supported by P.S. Rowling with all other officers in their invested positions with the exception of W.Bro. P.J. Sanders as Inner Guard. W.Bro. K.J. Murphy presented the Apron.

The photo on the left is W Bro George Duncan toasting the initiate at the festive board, our newly initiated brother, Bro Sheridan Beattie.